• Develop an appreciation for the ecological diversity of the state
  • Understand the historical importance of natural resources in the economic development of the South, particularly Alabama.
  • Understand the impact of changes in lifestyles and the economic base of the region and the state and the implications for land management
  • Understand the guiding principles of land stewardship and economic sustainability


The focus is practice-driven to include hands-on experiences, field trips, and similar types of experiential learning to supplement an understanding of basic guiding principles inherent in ecological systems as a sustainable natural resource.

Learn to manage our natural assets

Students will study an interdisciplinary approach to the use, management, and protection of land and water resources and will explore topics in environmental education while preparing for careers in land use policy and laws.

Moss grows on a rock at the Arboretum in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Photo courtesy of the UA Arboretum