If you’re interested in protecting wildlife habitats and the environment while meeting the ever-growing demand for wood products, clean water, outdoor recreation, and scenic beauty, then a minor in natural resources management is right for you.

You may be from a rural background, as many of our students at The University of Alabama are. Or your family may own a large tract of land that is an important source of income and enjoyment for you. Or you may simply have a passion for outdoor activities. The common thread is a love of the land as a renewable resource.

The natural resources minor will prepare you for professional opportunities in environmental monitoring, such as endangered species and wetland delineation, restoration of disturbed land, and management of forested lands. Students may work for federal, state, and local land management and planning agencies or non-governmental organizations and legislative bodies concerned with land use policies and laws. Graduates might also continue on to graduate school, law school, or pursue careers in teaching or business.